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Studio Re-Levant was founded in 2003 by Amnon Illuz, graphic designer and a prominent leader in the field, motivated by the power of design to change our world for the better. We work with passion and courage, out of love for varied, creative design. We believe in work that brings together influences of the Levantine region that is our home, with the global streams of contemporary visual culture.

We never do the same work twice. 

Our clients are our partners, and they come from diverse fields: culture, society, city government and business. Together with them, we produce varied, innovative and unique projects.  


We give multi re-levant solutions: Graphic Design, Visual Identity Strategy, Brand Development, Advertising Campaigns, Motion Graphic, Digital, Social Net Managing, Curation.


This Week's Wisdom:

It's more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy.


  • Amnon Illuz

    Amnon Illuz
    Captain and Creative Director

    Bezalel graduated with honor

    Lecturer at Shenkar school of design



    Re: what is your definition of "good design"?

    amnon: baklava and belly dancers

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  • Osher Bloom

    Osher Bloom
    Customer Manager

    Re: What is your best quality? 

    Osher: Being able to pull off a deep V t-shirt

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  • Adi Tako

    Adi Tako
    Branding master and image maker

    Bezalel graduate


    Re: what is so fun about image making?

    Adi: It's not.

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  • Gili Levanon Miller

    Gili Levanon Miller
    Illustration and web design

    Bezalel graduate


    Re: what is "sexy" to you?

    Gilli: God. of course

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  • Shira Nathan

    Shira Nathan
    motion graphic and magic making

    HIT graduate


    Re: what do you want to be when you grow up?

    Shira: A Famous singer

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  • Rotem Cohen Soaye

    Rotem Cohen Soaye
    Typography expert and an awasome designer

    Bezalel graduate


    Re: what is your favorite hebrew letter?

    Rotem: I love them all

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